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'Make the Earth move for you!' - Adults only!

And this link was sent to me - so so silly, click on each horse and sit back and listen.

An ounce of Behaviour is worth a pound of Thoughts

not quite the original but very true all the same

Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

A quote from Terry Pratchett I believe. Not to be recommended!

New addition to the Jameson Clan
on the 12th March 2012
welcome Hannah Alice Jameson.

Nephew Robert and his wife Claire have produced a daughter, which has made brother Richard and Gill grandparents! This seems to have made Richard very chuffed!

Birthdays are good for you.
Statistics prove that people who have the most, live the longest - April 2009

Thank you John and Mary for that...

Update to Family Tree - June 2008

I have added a fair amount to the family tree and a big thank you to Dave Wood for his contribution and update to the branch descended from the Rev. Matthew Stanley. Thank you also to Andy Coppell and Ron Bond for their hospitality and a very interesting morning at the Little Baddow History Centre and the Congregational Church. I learnt a lot about the Rev. Joseph Helliwell Stanley and much to my surprise the Rev. George Crawford Stanley. The software behind what you see has been updated and in my opinion is much improved. There are links everywhere to pull up even more information. And pressing the play button goes through the photos for that individual, family etc. But.... there is always a but isn't there I feel I must add a

WARNING for the unmarried -

This family tree can seriously damage your relationships! Some of the ancestors are not very beautiful and could put off your beloved wanting to breed with you(one known of so far!). So unmarried members of the family you have been warned. Use your discretion when viewing the family tree and who else you show it to. And you view the family tree on the basis that it cannot be used as grounds for divorce!

Easter Day 23rd March 2008
Spring is sprung, the grass is rizz
I wonder where the birdies is!

It is tradition for me that Easter is the time to mow and start the spring maintenance on the lawn. I woke up to these conditions outside!

Oh well, another day maybe. If climate change permits!

1st September 2007
Robert Jameson & Claire Beadle Wedding at Knebworth
Ella Louise Hammond born

I was severely ticked off by one of my nieces at Robert and Claire's wedding for not updating this site with changes to the family tree. Fortunately these have all been additions! So there are a few more photos and a line or two extra in the family tree. Claire and Robert's wedding was an excellent affair in a lovely location, their honeymoon sounded very exciting. Claire, welcome to the Jameson clan. I really must make more of an effort and bring all this site up to date. As per usual I snapped a few photos which can be seen in the photos section. Don't forget the slide shows are the best way to view the photographs.

I have just heard! Like London buses you have to wait an age then several turn up at once! Congratulations to Christopher and Heidi Hammond on the birth of Ella, a sister for Alfred. Family tree updated.

I came across an interesting idea and modified it for this site. This page is shown when an invalid-URL is entered. As this is not normally seen click here for a look! It shows the true character of this web server!

I have published a small piece of perl code called log2syslog for monitoring log files and the like and posting the new entries to syslog. For those that understand that statement the code is here. For the rest, well this is me in geek mode.

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