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1969-08 Cymtudu

I wonder what built this sand honeycomb structure in a predominentley rocky area.

The Andersons (Mr & Mrs Hugh and Christopher) from Kings Lynn pop in to say hello and we picnic at Cwm Clara

Cousin Sarah and Cousin Jane outside the cottage.

Looking down on one of the beaches, I think this is Llandgranog

Cousins Jane and Sarah and Nena on the hill opposite the cottage. It is really steep.

The pool created by the stream breaks out to the sea much to the enjoyment of those around at the time.

John Nixon relaxing on Llandgranog beach.

From left to right, Mother, Nena, Nan, Monica, John, Sarah, Lena, Jane.

From left to right, Monica, Mother, Sarah, Me, Jane, Lena, John.

Mother and Auntie Lena playing on our improvised see-saw at Cwm Clara.

Cwmtydu Bay

Looking down on Cwmtydu from the hill opposite.

The other side of Cymtydu bay.

The cave on the beach at Cymtydu.

People swimming at Cymtydu. Brave souls as it was always cold.

Rock strata in Cymtydu Bay.

The clan picnicing at Cwm Clara.

More rock strata in Cymtydu Bay.

Folded rock strata.

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