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1970-XX Odds and Ends

The Manchester University V Salford University boat race on the river Irwell which, was highly poluted in those days.

One of the eights at rest.

The Umpire following one of the boats.

The two teams alongside each other. This might be the start.

A coxed four at work.

The cox looks for approval!

Is this the eights about to start.

This in fact must be 1972 which is when Peter put in an appearance. He is held by his Mum looked on by his Granny.

Alex the proud father does his bit.

I'm not really very interested in all this posing.

John Bland and David Norris in Fireball 6030 at Snettisham beach.

John Bland and David Norris again with David on the trapeze.

The deadly duo again.

Comon lads consentrate, don't let the spinaker colapse.

Ah, thats better. The helmsman moves over as more weight is required.

Another fireball at Snettisham.

Bland and Norris again...

Another shot a shame there was not more wind that day.

Not enough wind to get on the trapeze.

And finally...

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