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1989-04 Somerset

The Avon gorge at low tide looking upstream to the bridge.

The Avon gorge at low tide looking upstream to the bridge.

Young Alex poses at the fence looking down into the gorge.

Alex posing again.

Alex and Helen larking around on a walk along the Avon gorge.

The bridge.

Brunel's bridge.

Shot of one of the bridge supports. It really was well engineered, which is probably why it is around today.

Brunel's bridge yet again.

Cheddar Gorge caves.

The Abbott's kitchen at Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Abbey.

The alleged burial spot of King Arthur.

The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.

More of the Abbey.

The fish pond at Glastonbury Abbey.

Looking up from the crypt.

Many believe that this Holy Thorn tree in the Abbey grounds originated from Joseph of Arimathea's staff.

Model of what the Abbey is thought to have looked like.

Looking up to the top of Glastonbury Tor.

Another shot of the Tor.

St. Mary's Parish Church Meare

Meare Fish House - 14th century fish house, once the abode of Glastonbury Abbey Fishermen. This is many miles from Glastonbury Abbbey but originally part of it's lands.

Meare Fish House - 14th century fish house.

Moat around the Bishop's palace at Wells.

Street opposite the north side of Wells Cathedral.

The Bishop's Palace

Entrance to the Bishops Palace at Wells.

West side of Wells cathedral.

The clock on the north side. The original mechanism is in the Science Museum in London.

Looking down on the east side of Wells Cathedral.








Much more impressive than Stonehenge. This is Avebury.


Avebury - part of the circle around the village.

Another shot of the road running through the stone circles and the village.

More Avebury stones.

Bigger stones near the centre.

Part of the circle near the cafe, shop and museum ( the buildings in the background ).

A couple of big stones near the pub.

More of the ring. This must be the most impressive stone circle(s) in the UK.

The museum.

Silbury Hill - within walking distance of Avebury.

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