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1990-04 Derbyshire and Yorkshire

Watermill somewhere in Derbyshire.

The Stanton Moor, Nine ladies Stone Circle.

And again....

A friendly sheep, it was almost dark when I took this.

Baa, Who are you?

End on shot of the steam engine to drive a reversing steel mill. Amazing piece of industrial Heritage at Kelham Island Industrial Museum in Sheffield. Really worth a visit.

Another shot of the steam engine. I seem to remember the guide saying it went from full speed in one direction to full speed in the opposite direction in 7 seconds.

Another steam engine. You can just see a 50 pence coin balance on its edge. Not a lot of vibration then!

Penknife made by an apprentice. I think it has one blade for every day of the year.

Bessemer furnace outside Kelham Island.

Waterwheel at the Abbeydale Hamlet in Sheffield. I lived a matter of yards from this for some time and never visited till I had moved to the other side of Sheffield.

The reservoir and the Abbeydale Hamlet in the background.

Waterwheel at what I think is called the Shepherd Wheel on the West side of Sheffield. They used to grind cutlery here.

The mill pond feeding the Shepherd Wheel.

Near Robin Hoods bay, I think. Possible a village where for Sunday lunch Yorkshire puddings were served for every course. I know I was feeling ill at the time.

Same place?

And again...

Looking down on the unknown village.


Better shot of a trawler heading out to sea.

Derbyshire again. The Derwent Dam. The practice place for the Dam Busters in World War II.

It was very, very windy that day. Look at the spray on the top of the Dam.

Somewhat different from the drought a few months earlier.

I don't think Celia was as close to the Dam as it looks.

The top of the Dam with the two towers, hence it being used as a practice area for the Dam Busters. I seem to remember reading that when they built this dam in order to get the far side waterpoof they had to build a wall along the far edge of the dam for something like a kilometer to make it work.

More spray.

This is one of outlets or overflows on the Ladybower reservoir below the Derwent.

Fountains Abbey.

Nice Norman Arch.

This must be the rear dorter(Toilets).

The cloisters - Rather impressive I seem to remember with a sort of undercroft if I am not mistaken.

The Abbey from the far end of the grounds.

Not really Yorkshire as this is near to Hadrians Wall and the weather a little damp.

An Oven or something at Housesteads on Hadrians Wall.

Lavatorial again! The loos at Hosesteads. Note the channels to dip your sponge in.

A view south perhaps?

Grain store at Housesteads.

The Wall...

More Wall.

Even more wall. They did make good use of the geology.

Ah... Now this is a lead mine I think. Up North as they say. The only thing I can remember about it is that it is up high.

A mine shaft. They were scattered all over the place.

Snow melting. What does not really come across is this is a stream and you could crawl under the snow where the water had melted it. Very unusual.

I think this is Hardraw Force near Hawes

I think this is Hardraw Force near Hawes

I think this is Hardraw Force near Hawes

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