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1990-09 Middlesborough

A stormy day at Robin Hoods Bay.

Holiday Makers in the main street of Robin Hoods Bay.

A little waterfall, I think somewhere near the North Yorkshire Railway.

The North Yorkshire Railway.

Part of a Roman Road in the North Yorkshire Moors.

Tugs on the river at Middleborough.

Middlesborough Transporter Bridge. The vehicles and pedestrians cross the river on a movable platform suspended from the bridge structure. You can just see the wires supporting the platform at the right hand side of the bridge.

Middlesborough Transporter Bridge through a filter.

Mount Grace Priory. One of the few Cartusian Houses, the monks lived a hermit existance in their two up two down houses surrounding the cloister.

The water supply to the monastry. This is quite a feature for Mont Grace Park Monastry.

The inside of Lindisfarne castle.

Looking across the bay of Holy Island (Lindisfarne) from the roof of the castle.

The roof of Lindisfarne castle on Holy Island. The channels collect the water which is stored in tanks for consumtion later.

Looking back at the castle from the end of the spit. N.B. Recycle your old fishing boat as a shed!

Outer part of the castle.

Looking up at Lindisfarne Castle from the North.

Lindisfarne Priory.

How this arch remains standing in Lindisfarne Priory I do not know.

Looking from the priory to Lindisfarne castle.

View of Lindisfarne castle across the bay from the south on what I believe is called Guile point.

Beware, watercolour artist at work painting Lindisfarne castle.

The water colour was of this view but came out way, way better than this photo!

A navigation Obelisk on Guile Point.

Bamburgh Castle from the road.

Rievaulx Abbey.

Rievaulx Abbey.

The knave of Rievaulx Abbey.

It must have been an impressive building in its day.

A pleasant walk up to this structure on the top of a hill outside Middlesborough somewhere.

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