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1990-10 Shropshire and Wales

Living proof that the S.B.S.C. 1989 Ladies champion cleaned her trophy at least once before giving it back.

Ludlow High Street.

More of Ludlow buildings in the mains street.

The entrance to Ludlow museum.

One of the very old buildings in the back streets of Ludlow.


The famous iron bridge over the seven at Ironbridge Gorge.

Buildwas Abbey near Ironbridge, Interesting that the cloister is built on the North side not the usual south side.

Although Buildwass Abbey is roofless it is quite well preserved.

Having said that this bit has seen better times.

A shropshire village

More of the aforesaid village.

A pretty Barlcays Bank.

No idea.

Looking down from the battlements of Caernarfon Castle onto the river.

More from the battlements this time of the bridge.

From the battlements of Caernarfon castle looking in a northerly direction across the town with Anglesey in the background.

Caernarfon Castle - This time looking inwards.

A ground level view of the bridge previously seen from the castle's battlements.

A view of Caernarfon Castle showing good defences by having water around a lot of it.

Boats, Castles what more could you need!

Blaenau Ffestiniog slate mines the 'train' to and from the surface. A good place to visit.

A view across the valley I think this is on the road between Blaenau Ffestiniog and Betws-y-cooed.

A shot across a reservoir on the welsh borders.

A castle near Offers Dyke. Our ancestors certainly knew how to site and build a castle.

The Great Hall at Stokesay Castle, Shropshire.

Entrance to Stokesay Castle.

Outside of the great hall.

A view of part of the outside of Stokesay Castle, a fortified manor house.

The great hall again.

Stokesay castle, viewed from the adjacent graveyard.

Ludlow again

More Ludlow.

Ludlow town wall with the pub built into it.

The bridge over the river just outside the south gate of Ludlow.

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