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1990-XX Odds and Ends

Kew Gardens in January.

What a glass house does for Daffs in January.

Nice Bannana plant, NB not a tree.

Behind you....

The birds in Kew were very tame or very hungary. I do not know which.

The palm house

A palm.

St. Cecilia in a country house we visited in Derbyshire

Hardwick Hall Derbyshire.

More of Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire.

The old Hardwick Hall.

Castle Rising Castle, near King's Lynn.

Castle Rising Castle, near King's Lynn.

The Keep Entrance - Castle Rising Castle, near King's Lynn.

The outside - Castle Rising Castle, near King's Lynn.

Looking at the keep through the gatehouse.

Dart 18 going down wind in rough conditions at Snettisham Beach Sailing Club just prior to the National Championships.

We are under control?

No we are not!

A de masted Tim Silcox returns to the beach.

Barry and Johnathan Garner return to the beach after wisely taking down the main sail.

Excited telling of how the race had gone.

That Dart 18 on the right is mine, why am I not in it! And who did I trust to sail it?

Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk

The rear dorter at castle acre - Otherwise known as the lavatories.

The Prior's House.

North Elmham, Norfolk - Saxon Cathedral

Shall we go for a swim, or shall we just watch these people rowing? The Norfolk Broads.

Tacking up river on the Norfolk Broads.

Thorpeness Post Mill

Race down the river in Norwich.

I supported this bunch.

The Cox was very enthusiastic and loud.

Not far to go now.

Phew... That was hard work!

A few more strokes and we are home.

Bobby (the dog) not overly impressed by Christmas!

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