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1992-XX Odds and Ends

The computer room in a place I used to work. The glass fronted cabinets contain the communications gear. The line of four grey boxes on the right hand side are the processor two disc drives and a tape drive.

The grey cube under between the table legs was considerable more powerful tahn the two machines it replaced

Looking back showing the other computer.

Another view!

A lot of the communications gear was made redundent by the upgrade as we moved from data over voice. Which was quite flash in those days to a modern day Network.

The back of a disc drive. In those days they were the size of a washing machine and only stored something like 250,000,000 characters.

The reels of tape in racks in tha background. A long time since I used those. And in the foreground one of the switch boxes that enabled us to switch printers between the computers, saving something like 5,000 pounds.

Warwick Castle.

Off to a Cambridge Ball! Bex and her partner both smoking. As Doctors they should have known better.

Posing for a picture before departure to the Ball.

The computer room after we had completed the upgrade, which took us three months. There was a 60,000 pound penalty for going over the time limit and we did it ahead of budger in terms of time and cost.

Really not much to look at after getting rid of the old machines. It saved 9,000 pounds a year in reduced electricity cost.

The comms cabinet.

The little data safe on the floor replaced two six foot high safes.

My Office

Celia's new flat.

Walk in wardrobes.

Very dated bathroom, but it seemed Ok in those days.


The workers consume their take away and a beer after a days slog. Justin did sterling work.

Chalet where I stayed for the Dart 18 championships at Dawlish Warren.

No sailing so up to explore one of the tors on the moors.

Looking down at Dawlish Warren. The train runs along next to the sea.

Buckfast Abbey.

Front of Buckfast Abbey.

A family gathering at sister Brenda's

Cley windmill, I think

Sandringham Gardens.

Looking across the pond to Sandringham House.


A lighter or whatever you call it waiting for the bridge.

The water does make Amsterdam a beautiful place.

Last view of Amsterdam

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