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1994-XX Ouse SC and NWNW

Windy and squaly day at the Ouse Sailing club winter series. Barry in total control of his Fireball.

Pat and Allen also in a Fireball.

A laser the wind must be almost due north so I bet it was cold.

A squall induces a broach, meanwhile Pat and Allen in their Fireball rummage around in the bottom of the boat putting the spinnacker up.

Splash, one laser bits the dust, meanwhile one Fireball continues to set it's spinnacker.

Oooooops, nearly.

Ok all under control now.

It is my experience that lasers do not stay up right for long if the crew falls out.

Things do not look promising.

Told you so I was right. Second capzise likely!

Been there and done that all too often!

This does not look promising! One swim coming up.

Lasers sailing at a sand pit as part of North West Norfolk Week.

Low tide at the Ouse Sailing club so it must be the Queen's plate. It looks to be a very low tide.

Looks like a handicap race at Lynn so it must be the Queen's plate again.

Ok off we all go towards the sea and back.

The fleet passes the fisher fleet at Lynn.

And slowly makes its way down river.

And continues.

Phantoms on the cut at King's Lynn. This was a Phantom Open Meeting.

Pat not in his Fireball but in a borrowed Phantom.

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