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1996-09 Diving at Scapa Flow

I think this boat was Dutch and moored close to us in Stromness

Our Dive boat the Triton. Really good facilities and a superb skipper.

Another view of the Triton.

Ok so its the day off to de-fizz and a visit to a stone circle.

Now how often do you have two circles this close together.

More of the circle with a Loch in the background.

part of the ring of stones.

Small boats pulled up on the shore of the loch.

Derek about to try his hand in a russian dive suit circa 1970.

Final briefing before taking the plunge.

Woops too much air! I can't remember who this was.

Simon puts a wooly hat on Sarah the next victim.

How to look glamerous!

Sarah nearly ready and looking a bit aprehensive.



Looking out from the dock at Stromness.

Getting dark but Willy prepares to have a go.

End of diving for the week and a group photo.

Difficult to believe that this must rank as the best bunch of divers I have ever had the pleasure to dive with.

Derek proud of his catchand our lunch, served shortly afterwards.

Stromness in the evening.

The ferry departs as we start our journey south.

A quick detour to John O'Grouts.

Our stop over for the night at releatives of one of the party and Jan tries out a kiddies motor bike.

Derek a police man who rides bikes as part of his job poses!

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