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1997-02 1 Queensland

Looking down towards the sea on the skyrail from outside Cairns, Queensland to Kuranda.

Ok... There is a river down there somewhere.

Not much water but it is there.

Birds in Kuranda.

The street from the railway centre to what I thought of as the centre of Kuranda.

Kuranda railway station. Now doesn't that put your average station to shame.

Modern day engines but the carriages were older.

Ah... we have seen this before but from the other side.

Ok, lets stop and get out to admire the view.

What scenery, a good day out.

This reminded me of the 'Bridge over the River Kwai'.

I guess these are seed pods, one ot he amazing things to be seen in the rain forest.

This is a very odd plant!

Looking down on Cairns from a hill to the north of the town.

Cairns International Airport.

Another view of Cairns.

More of the Airport.

A drop of rain traversing Cairns!

Ah ha, a wreck on the reef some 200 kilometers off the Cairns coast and near to our first dive site.

Brian our Dive Maestro from Rum Runner giving a briefing to the assembled company about the next dive. A very professional guy making for really good diving.

The wreck again.

Brian making an adjustment to the anchor.

The changes in the sea colour are down to the reef just under the surface. Incredible when you thing we were 240 kilometers off shore.

Trip over and the dive party assemble for a photo.

Janet, who looked after our needs when we were on the surface. Really nice food Janet.

Our skipper, tries to make a run for it to avoid haveing here photo taken. A very hard working and competent seaman when you see the hazards she had to avoid in our trip.

Brian poses!

Two of our party wait for their taxi.

The boats mate.

Port Douglas and it is about to rain. Looking down the river to the sea with a couple of the giant catermarans used to ship tourist out to the reef moored up.

One ot the Port Douglas Catermarans, they are quite a sight!

The Dive boat I used to try out the diving off Port Douglas.

The beach just through the trees from the hotel I was staying in. That is the Port Douglas promentary in the distance. Lovely beach but not a good place to swim as the Box Jelly fish were in season.

The same beach going south. Fantastic!

Part of the Hotel, this is the block my apartment was in.

More of the block and the grounds. It was a good place to stay.

The Daintree river. Not a croc in sight!

Part of the forest.

I think this is called Cooke's bay somewhere north of Port Douglas.

The same place.

I think this is a view of where the Daintree river joins the sea.

Some of the party on their way to look at the river.

Interesting visual effect with water and trees.

Ant nest in the trees.


The Daintree river.

Green frog hiding just inches off the path from a hotel where we stopped for lunch.

The furthest point North I went. A great sight this waterfall.

Our 4 * 4 wheel drive coach navigating the weir just down stream from the waterfall. The start of the journey back.

Close up of the crossing. The driver went back and forth several times so everyone could have photos.

Looking down on the river.

I think these marks are made by crabs.

Another fantastic Queensland beach

A kaola.

The laid back approach to life.

Cute, huh.

A cassowary in captivity, though I did see warning signs when I was out walking. A dangerous bird.

A better shot of the Cassowary.

And another.


Head of a crocodile and part of it's back.

Up on the top of the promintary at Port Douglas looking south.

The back streets of Port Douglas.

The shore line in part of Port Douglas.

Palm trees and sea!

Looking towards the town, with submerged mangroves as the tide was in.

I thought of this as the town centre at Port Douglas.

This was the only church I saw in Port Douglas. What a setting!

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