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1997-02 3 Uluru - Ayres Rock

Alice Springs - This is the river that runs through Alice. Normally dry but not when I visited as you can see. The hotels on the far side were as good as cut off!

Another view of the river running through Alice Springs.

Uluru - The roots of these trees go down many, many metres to get water.

Uluru - The rock in the far distance.

Visitor point all cameras a clicking!

I cannot remember what this area was called by the scenery was stunning.

Looking down to where the last photo was taken.


Ayres Rock / Uluru as dusk approaches.

A few minutes later...

And a bit later...

Still later...

And finally...

Up early next morning to climb Ayres Rock / Uluru. This is the base.

At the top of the first bit looking out. You can see a very long way!

Looking along the rock.

You can see it has been raining, see the Alice Springs photo.

The path to the highest bit is marked out in paint. You do not have to stray far to fall off and it is a long way down. Two people had died in seperate incidents not long before I arrived.

Another pool of water. Believe it or not tiny shrimps live in these pools, hatch when it rains, grow mate and lay eggs all before the pool dries out. Absolutely amazing!

Part of the top of Ayres Rock / Uluru.

Wow, you can see for miles and miles.

Someone said that the rock is like an Iceberg and that there is a lot more of it underground. You can see from the strata that it has moved a lot since it was formed.

A small lake from the recent rains. The humidity was very high when I climbed the rock which, is odd for the desert! It took an awful lot of water.

Ok, looking up at the rock from the base. Here you can see from the strata that it is now on it's side.

An observation place at the base of the rock. When it rains the water runs off the rock and collects in these pools. There are fish in them and ancient drawings on the sides.

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