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1997-02 4 Perth Western Australia

Perth - Western Australia. The architecture and resulting skyline of the western end of the city is stunning.

Another shot of Perth City. The shadows are drawing in so time must be advancing.

Up in Kings Park looking down on the city.

Looking down the Swan River from Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia.

Looking up river...

Looking back at Perth City, Western Australia.

One of the boat clubs on the swan river. The buildings on the right are a multi storey park for boats.

Freemantle, Western Australia. I got the feeling that this building had been tarted up for the Americas Cup. I could be wrong though.

Freemantle yacht basin. It must have been an incredible sight when all the Americas Cup 12 metre boats were here with their teams.

Koala Bear having a nice snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzze. Now there is a surprise! I think I would make a good Kaola Bear.

North of Perth somewhere. Wind pump, petrol station and telephone box in the middle of nowhere!

Wider shot of the same place.

Lake north of Perth, Western Australia. There was something special about it, but I have forgotten.

The Pinnacles, north of Perth, Western Australia. The sandy desert is known for its peculiar limestone pillars ranging from a few centimetres in height to some towering 5 metres. They are calcified spires of around 30,000 years old which have been gradually uncovered by erosion.

The Pinnacles. The colours are amazing.

Our tour 'bus' on the right hand side. You can just see the driver letting some air out of the tyres to make driving in the sand easier.

The Pacific in the background.

Wow, those colours! More of the Pinnacles, north of Perth Western Australia.

The Pinnacles...

Close up of some of the protrusions.

You could make your own sun dial here.


Looking south down the pacific coast not far from the Pinnacles

Two of our party investigating the sands. Note the huge change in colour from the Pinnacles.

The tour bus demonstrating its stability and four wheel drive on a very steep slope.

Another shot of the Bus.

What amazing white sand dunes.

More really white sand and last photo in Australia.

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