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2003-07 Smith Mullins Wedding

INTRODUCTION - Sometime ago a little girl and her two brothers went to see their Uncle Richard get married to Auntie Gill. You can see it was great fun! Times have changed and on July 26th the little girl became the star. View on for more photos of this little girl's day. 1970 B Collins

Celia at the hairdressers. 2003 Nick Thorpe

Celia's mother another member of the hairdresser expedition. 2003 Nick Thorpe

Celia undergoing latest brain washing techniques. 2003 Nick Thorpe

The best woman Lin ready to go. 2003 Nick Thorpe

The bride ready to go - not. 2003 Nick Thorpe

The bride ready to go. 2003 Nick Thorpe

The bride with her mum at home. 2003 Nick Thorpe

The quiet before the storm at Holy Trinity Church Norton Lindsey. 2003 A & A Fowkes

The church porch. 2003 A & A Fowkes

Flowers by the lectern. 2003 A & A Fowkes

The altar flowers. 2003 A & A Fowkes

The best man, the ushers and the groom waiting for things to happen. 2003 Brian Jameson

The best man Mike Williams, the groom and Graham Turner an usher. Susan & John Kidd

The groom's mum and dad arrive at the church. 2003 Brian Jameson

People queuing to enter the church with Arthur and Ann Fowkes in the middle. 2003 Brian Jameson

Cousin Sarah leads the procession of brother Richard, Elizabeth (hidden) and Gill. 2003 Brian Jameson

Young Archie, the pageboy arrives with his mother Julie in tow. 2003 Brian Jameson

The pageboy Archie makes his entry to the church along with his Mum & Dad, Nick & Julie Sweeting. Susan & John Kidd

The bride's mother and Lin pose for the photographer. 2003 Brian Jameson

Sister Brenda at the church gate and looking happy. 2003 Brian Jameson

The Bride arrives in her smart Buick with dad alongside. 2003 Brian Jameson

De-camping from the car with David, the bride's father standing by. 2003 Nick Thorpe

Last minute words of advice from dad? 2003 Brian Jameson

Waiting for the photos to be taken. 2003 A & A Fowkes

Bride and groom pose in the churchyard after the service. Susan & John Kidd

The bride and groom with both sets of parents. 2003 Brian Jameson

The bride and groom with the groom's parents. 2003 Brian Jameson

The bride and groom, best woman Lin, Archie the pageboy and best man Mike. 2003 Brian Jameson

Mike and Dawn the groom's parents with the groom in the middle and Brenda and David the bride's parents. Susan & John Kidd

Meanwhile the bride! 2003 Brian Jameson

Celia posing. 2003 B Collins

The bride. 2003 Brian Jameson

Shall we dance! 2003 Brian Jameson

Mark and Celia. 2003 Roger & Colette Smith

The happy couple with the bride's parents, brothers and their families. 2003 Brian Jameson

The Smith clan with the bride and groom. Susan & John Kidd

The bride and groom listen intently with Mark's dad in the background. Susan & John Kidd

The bride and groom. 2003 Nick Thorpe

Mike and Dawn, the groom's parents. 2003 Nick Thorpe

Mike and Dawn the groom's parents with Mark's Uncle Ken. Susan & John Kidd

The Bride's Mum and Dad. 2003 Nick & Julie Sweeting

Karen and Nigel Elgar. 2003 Nick Thorpe

Nephew Alistair, brother of the bride, with the evil grin and Cousin Beth next to him. 2003 Roger & Colette Smith

Ryan and Oli Smith. 2003 Roger & Colette Smith

Les enfants Smith, from the left, Tori, Sian, Jade and the chaps Ryan, Ed and Oli. 2003 Roger & Colette Smith

The congregation en masse in the churchyard. 2003 Brian Jameson

Archie along with mum Julie. Susan & John Kidd

The photographer setting up a shot with a crowd of onlookers. I think more photographs were taken in the churchyard than planned as there was the possibility of rain. 2003 Sarah Price

Brother Richard and Sister Margaret. 2003 Sarah Price

Gill, brother Richard's wife poses with her splendid hat. 2003 Sarah Price

Brother Richard, Sister Brenda and Bride's Mother, Sister Margaret, Brother-in-law David the Bride's Father, Niece Elizabeth with her Mother Gill and yours truly line up for a quick snap in the churchyard. 2003 Sarah Price

The Jamesons and partners. 2003 Brian Jameson

Cousin Sarah and Cousin Mary. 2003 Brian Jameson

El Gringo Archie! Susan & John Kidd

Archie with Nora Batty socks. Susan & John Kidd

The Sweeting family, Archie, Nick and Julie. Susan & John Kidd

Mike the best man hiding behind the gravestone, Lin, Celia and Mark. 2003 Nick Thorpe

The assembled company starts to wind their way out of the churchyard. 2003 Nick Thorpe

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mullins leaving Holy Trinity Church, Norton Lindsey. 2003 Diana Smith

Confetti with a gaggle of Smiths in the background. 2003 Diana Smith

A smiling duo. 2003 Nick Thorpe

The happy couple left for the reception in this beautiful left hand drive buick. 2003 Diana Smith

The bride and groom enjoy their bubbly in their posh motor. Susan & John Kidd

Time for a wee tincture! 2003 Nick & Julie Sweeting

Billesley Manor bathed in sun awaiting the hordes for the reception. 2003 Nick Thorpe

Billesley Manor. 2003 Nick Thorpe

Celia and Mark arriving at Billesley Manor. 2003 A & A Fowkes

The bride and groom arrive at the reception. 2003 Brian Jameson

Another shot of the Buick at the reception, oh and the happy couple!. 2003 Brian Jameson

The Jazz band. 2003 A & A Fowkes

Come on wife your husband could do with a hand while he cleans his glasses! 2003 Brian Jameson

Nephew Alistair, brother of the bride and his wife Diana who took some of these photos, pose for a photograph on the lawns at the reception. 2003 Diana Smith

Diana described this as 'Diana's boys'. I don't know how Alistair feels being described as a 'boy'! Alistair and Oli in the back and Ed in the front. 2003 Diana Smith

Ed posing. I don't think he liked the morning coat. It did not stay on for long! 2003 Diana Smith

Oli, He seems to have grown several feet since I last saw him. 2003 Diana Smith

Nephew Roger, brother of the bride, kissing his wife Colette. I think this was taken at the reception. Nice to know they still feel like that unless Colette is about to kick or knee him of course! We will have to ask Diana what followed. 2003 Diana Smith

Roger's wife Colette with their children, Ryan, Jade and Sian. 2003 Roger & Colette Smith

Charlie's Angels otherwise known as the bride's Nieces, Jade, Tori and Sian. 2003 Roger & Colette Smith

Stags trying to fold their arms! 2003 Nick Thorpe

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