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2003-10 Penwith Cornwall

Carn Euny settlement near Sancreed looking down at the entrance to the Fogou. There is a side passage off to the right leading to a circular stonewalled chamber with a domed roof. A great place to visit!

Looking over from Carn Euny to Tredinney Farm where I was staying in what was a really nice Farmhouse B&B. Home to a herd of prize winning Guernseys.

Another shot of Carn Euny with the St. Buryan church tower in the distance.

Cornish Engines & Discovery Centre, Pool, Redruth. This museum is to be found at the back of Safeway's car park between Redruth and Camborne. It houses a beautiful 90inch Richard Trevithick beam engine for pumping out the mine below. This monster is of the same order of size as the two at the Kew pumping house on the side of the Thames in London. The Michell's Whim winding engine, part of the same Museum, and just down the road is not so exciting as it is driven by an electric motor.

The hot humid tropical dome at the Eden Project outside St Austell. A brilliant place to spend the day but can be busy.

The other / second dome at the Eden Project. I heard a rumour that a third dome is planned!

Inside the hot humid dome.

A rather stunning palm.

Up at the top of the path around the humid area as can be seen by the fact the camera has steamed up!

I liked this plant!

The second dome with it's Mediterranean climate.

This series of statues I found rather fun.

Another picture of the second dome. It looks rather gloomy here. It wasn't.

More of the second and smaller dome.

Tater-du lighthouse on the coastal path near Lamorna.

Tater-du lighthouse through a 210 telephoto lens. Note it's location down the cliff!

Tater-du lighthouse through telephoto lens and lens doubler (420). This is from Carn Barges.

Looking back to what I think is called Carn Barges.

The view down the steps to the Tater-du lighthouse. John le Carre owns the beautiful and secluded property above and slightly inland from the lighthouse. This lighthouse was the last of the Cornish lighthouses to be built in 1965 and was fully automated and un-manned from the start.

Tregiffian Burial Chamber just by the side of the B3315 and around the corner from the Merry Maidens stone circle. How this could have been half destroyed when the road was built is odd particularly as the road goes around it. I don't know how many times I have driven along this road and never known that this was a burial chamber. Met a Dutch couple, writer and photographer doing an article on Lighthouses for an up market Dutch Magazine. I was able to tell them how to find the Tater-du lighthouse having just walked up from it.

This is what I believe is called the Crowns Section of the Botallack Mine near St. Just.

Boscawen-Un Stone Circle - or at least that's what I think it is called. I first visited this stone circle in the early 1990s and it left a special place in my affection. Located several hundred yards to the south of the A30 east of Crows-an-wra amongst the gorse and bracken, unmarked and rather overgrown it is still a fascinating place to visit.

Another shot of the Boscawen-Un Stone Circle. The Bracken doing well and rather obscuring the stones!

The centre stone at Boscawen-Un, apparently it has always been at an angle like this. St Buryan church tower in the background.

Final shot of one my favourite stone circles.

Madron Chapel - Quaint little place. Slightly spoilt by all the modern day piping for the water.

Madron Well - I found out afterwards about the bits of cloth ( or "clouties" ). The idea being to tear a piece of cloth from the part of the body that is ill, and as the cloth rots on the tree so the hurt disappears with it.

Lanyon Quoit - On the road from Madron to Morvah a rather splendid site even if it has been altered as a result of it's collapse. It used to stand on four stones and be higher.

The conundrum of Men-an-tol. I have read of several explanations of what it is. A pleasant walk up from the car park on the roadside between Madron and Morvah.

I think this must be Chun castle hillfort to be found by turning off the Madron Morvah road at Bosullow Common. Impressive views to be had from it's location on the top of the hill. Has a well inside.

Chun Quoit, just a few yards from the castle. A fellow visitor shows the scale of it.

Diana the other half of the pair of fellow visitors explores inside the quoit. Meeting up with them made for a more enjoyable visit. But for them I would not have visited the nearby settlement. Thank you both.

A murky day walking down the valley from Trevilley farm to Nanjizal cove. This was the only day I got wet and had to use waterproofs.

The Longships Lighthouse off Land's End can be seen in the distance.

The wreck of the RMS Mulheim, which ran aground on Sat 22nd Marc 2003 between Lands End and Sennan. I hear it has broken into two pieces now.

The RMS Mulheim, How can you run aground at 4:30am with the Longships Lighthouse a mile or so to the south and Pendeen Light to the North? What did they see on the radar?

The local graffiti artist has a sense of humour. The USS Tony Blair on the rocks! Also note the bridge that raises and lowers.

Stern view of the RMS Mulheim.

Bodrifty Roundhouse, this was featured by the Time Team programme on channel 4 and gives a superb idea of what the adjacent settlement must have looked like.

Part of the actual Bodrifty settlement. This place is in the middle of nowhere but near Tredinnick or New Mill.

The Nine Maidens stone circle between Bodrifty and the Ding Dong Mine up on the top of the moors. Within a few yards here you can see both coasts.

Engine house at the Ding Dong Mine. This shot shows where the beam was and beneath it is a fenced off shaft. Several of the shafts at this mine are still plainly visible and fenced off. End of a pleasent holiday.

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