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2004-11 Penwith Cornwall

Maritime Museum Falmouth - Lady Helmsman - C class catamaran winner of the Little Americas cup in 1966,67 and 68.

Lady Hemsman again. The Maritime Museum was a great place to visit as the 'Great Storm of 2004' was going on outside destroying the railway line at Dawlish and Penzance. I was going to look at the boats outside at the museum but decided it was too risky as I was sure to be blown into the dock as I could not stand up in the passage to the dock along the side of the museum.

Shot from the stern of Lady Helmsman, things have moved on since she was built and it all looks very dated.

Dart 18 number One. I have sailed against this boat many a time. Maybe I should be in a museum as well!

I think this is Merlin Rocket number 2.

Yet another shot of Lady Helmsman - A wonderful boat in its time. Maybe Team Invictus will go on and develop their 2004 design and do better in subsequent years. It would be great to see the 'Little Americas Cup' return to English shores.

Rodney Patterson's Olympic winning Flying Dutchman. Rodney won 2 golds and a silver between 1968 and 1976 all in the flying dutchman class. Again this boat looks really dated compared to modern day flying dutchmen.

Disappearing Gun at Pendennis Castle - The gun is only visible above the rampart when being fired the recoil lowers the gun for reloading.

One of the two guns in the 'Half Moon Battery' dating from the second world war. I think their range was about 12 miles.

Nice old canon

The keep. First built in the time of Henry VIII in the 16th century.

The basement / kitchen in the keep with ensuite lavatory!

This is the top floor of the keep. The noise when the guns were being fired must have been horrendous.

More modern artillary gun.

Outside the front of the castle looking over to the lighthouse on the St Mawes side.

The new dome being built at the Eden project.

A plant in the cooler of the two domes. This year it was cooler but I went into the Mediterranean dome first and then on to the tropical one. This gives a little time to acclimatise.

More of the cool dome at the Eden project.

The tropical Dome.

Is this a Mangoo tree?

The giant lilly.

A scenic shot in the tropical dome.

Glendurgan garden ajoining Trebah on the Helford River near Mawgan Smith.

Very attractive structural tree.

Nice to look at but when they flower....

This is what happens and all the enery goes into the production of the seeds and the plant then dies.

View of the maze from the viewing point at the top of the side of the valley.

More of the maze.

Help..... Can someone tell me how to get out? Seriously though a good maze.

Looking down from the school room.

Scenic shot.

Standing out at the low tide mark in the Helford river looking up at the village of Durgan, which is at the bottom of the garden. People were drying out after the flooding from the storm.

Japanese garden at St Mawgan near Newquay. I am defiantly going back to see this garden when it is not autumn.

I liked this.

I had a long chat with one of the gardeners here. Thank you for your time. I learnt some good tips about installing kitchens. And also this part of the garden is frequented by Zen Buddhists. In our conversation we came across an interesting link between Buddhist thinking and modern day systems thinking according to Prof. Checkland.


There were Koi in the pond.

The bridge over the pond.

I think the pond area was my favourite bit of the garden.

More of the pond area.

And still more.

St Euny’s well in the parish of Sancreed in Penwith near to Carn Euny, the Misses Quiller-Couch recorded that in order to benefit from the healing powers of the well, one had to visit and wash in the well on the first three Wednesdays in May.

The tree nearby adorned with clouties.

Trengwainton Garden - I have driven past the signs to this garden so many times and never visited before. It is a real gem and I must go back another time maybe in May.

Ferns - I think they are wonderful.

More ferns...

I have no idea what this is! But it is nice.

A view of the house which is not part of the National Trust gardens. And a shot of the Ha Ha (wall in the front) acting as a barrier between the farm and the gardens.

No idea what this is but liked it.

The toposcope.

I found the structure of this part of the garden very appealing.

And more...

No idea what it is but the leaves of the light coloured bush were very interesting. See next shot.

Rather nice crinkly leaves.

Googly but good part of the garden.

The Cryptomeria Japonica in the background is far from well I think. Its bark is really smooth to touch. A very nice couple told me that this was their favourite part of the garden and they came regularly to visit it.

Water, Ferns and Bridges - you can't go wrong a really lovely spot.

A good use for an old millstone.

A lovely part of the stream running alogside the drive.

Is this an old water wheel just above Nanjizal bay. Nanjizal was the starting point for the ill fated laying of a cable to the Isles of Scilly many years ago. The ship lost it's way and ran out of cable five miles from the Isles of Scilly.

I read somewhere that there is an old mine on Trevilley close to Nanjizal. I wonder if this is it? The water wheel and this would go together.

RMS Mulheim nill the sea one. One year on there is not much left of the wreck.

The hunt meets at St Just during the feast of St Just. A good get together with loads of people and I did not see one protestor. A bit at odds to what is going on in the house of commons at the moment.

The Pendeen band all of a quiver.

A shot taken while the Master of the Hunt made a short speach, which sadly I could not hear. These local customs are fun. I really enjoyed myself at the ploughing match on 30th October at Pulsack Manor Farm, Hayle.

The band give a nice rendering of Ken John Peel as the hunt rides of down the street.

Logans rock from a distance. In fact you cannot actually see the rock itself from here.

Logans rock.

Buckfast Abbey in Devon. The home of Brother Adam (died 1996 aged 99) who in his life did an amazing amount for bee keeping. I would like to say a big thank you to the brother who spent so much time talking to me about his way of life and showing me things in the church not normally accessible to the general public.

The water wheel at Buckfast Abbey

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