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2007-09 Jameson Beadle Wedding

The important people start to arrive.

First glimpse of Claire the bride, escorted by her father.

The Jameson and Smith clan after the Ceremony.

The Guests await the Bride and Groom after the Ceremony. Rumour had it they had gone for a drive around Knebworth park.

Niece Elizabeth, one of the bridesmaids, and the groom's sister with her boyfriend.

The Groom's parents.

The happy couple with page boy in tow arrive for the photos.

The Guests en masse. Knebworth House in the background.

Robert and his bride Claire listening to the photographers instructions.

Well the photographer has got this bunch to look cheerful!

Smiles all round!

Robert and Claire with the Best Man.

The Best Man about to kiss the Bride.

Robert and Claire with the best man, bridesmaids and the pageboy.

The Bride and Groom with their respective fathers, the best man, the ushers and the pageboy.

Same crowd, this time with the bride sitting on her husband's knee.

The groom and brides mothers' and another.

All the uniformed players!

Same again.

The happy couple and the bride's parents.

Same again.

Pageboy begining to tire of all the photos.

Quiet joke for the new Mr and Mrs Jameson.

Robert and Claire with both sets of parents.

Mr and Mrs Jameson senior and Mr and Mrs Jameson junior.

Five Jamesons!.

Mr and Mrs R. G. Jameson.

You are meant to admire her ring not yours!

Who said smile?

Getting a crick in your neck is one of the snags of marrying a Jameson!

Smiths, Mullins and Jamesons begining to get bored!

Robert and Claire again.

The happy couple.

The photographer being ignored!

Ok, there is a cake in there somewhere.

And cut!

Keep cutting, no one is watching!

Instructions being given to members of the top table.

The cake as made by sister Brenda, the grooms aunt.

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