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2007-XX Odds and Ends

Start of my day out at Duxford

Martin Baker ejection seat.

Looking over the Lancaster at the Duxford prototype Corcorde. It still looks a very sleek modern beautiful plane from the outside.

The Concord flight deck. This shows it's age.

Richard Branson's Virgin Global Challenger balloon. I did not know this was at Duxford. Must have been added since I was last here.

Focker-Wulf FW 190 fighter bomber.

Bloodhound missile - just the thing to have in the back garden.

McDonnell Douglas Phantom fighter bomber.

Mikoyan MIG 21, Soviet supersonic fighter at Duxford.

Messerchmitt Bf109E

Rear view of Lockheed SR-17A (Blackbird) reconnaissance aircraft and engine.

Lockheed SR-17A (Blackbird) reconnaissance aircraft. Incredible looking machine.

Denver Mill. Now lovingly restored to full working order with new facilities for visitors to enjoy. Once again flour is being milled using the power of the wind

Where the power from the sails is converted to a vertical drive for the Mill.

The old Oil Engine at Denver.

Moulton Windmill, when it was built in the 1820's it was the tallest in the country.

Part of the restored workings of Moulton Windmill.

Speed Control, as the windmill turns faster the centrifugal force drives the balls further apart which raises one of the mill stones and makes the mill grind evenly.

Sibsey Trader Mill.

Trader Mill again - Five bladed Mills are meant to be the most efficient, better than four, six, or eight.

Maud Foster Mill in Boston. Commercial mill run by father and son. A brilliant place to visit, I learnt a lot.

Part of the workings of the Maud Foster Mill.

Miller at Alford doing his stuff.

Alford five sail mill

Another shot of Alford

A day out at the Muckleburgh Colection near Sheringham.

A few of the 'working' tanks parked up, with the north sea in the background.

Chieftain Main Battle Tank.

Russian T-55

Sherman 'Grizzly' M4 A1

MT-55 Armoured Bridgelayer

Harrier Jump Jet.

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