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2008-08 Dodds Boston Wedding

The Bride arrives with a last word of advice from Dad.

Mr and Mrs Ben Boston signing the register.

The bride's father has forty winks now that his daughter is off his hands.

The happy couple and the registrar. The registrar is just about to hand the marriage certificate to the bride.

Janet the bride's mother.

Ben and Helen with the bride's parents Janet and Graham

Did I clean my shoes?

Ben and Helen with the Groom's parents.

The Happy Couple and both sets of parents.

The bride's brother sulks in the corner.

Alex the bride's brother improving Anglo Australian relationships.

Eyes LEFT!

The groom's family.

The bride's family.


Bridesmaid, The Happy Couple and the Best Man.

The bride's Uncle Malcolm, his mother(the brides grandmother) and Malcolm's sons(the brides cousins).

Ah time to start relaxing.

The Cake.

The Best Man.

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