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2010-02 Kelvedon Hatch

Cubby hole off entrance tunnel to Kelvedon Hatch secret Nuclear Bunker.

Blast doors leading to final bit of the entrance to Kelvedon Hatch secret Nuclear Bunker. The entrance is 'Z' shaped in order to reduce blast.

Blast doors again.

Telephone exchange at Kelvedon Hatch secret Nuclear Bunker.

More of the exchange.

The switchboard at the first place I worked was like this! Signs of extreme age I guess.

Teletype machines. Telex(who remembers that!) used to run on these machines.

This is the BBC studio at Kelvedon Hatch secret Nuclear Bunker.

Control room for the BBC Studio.


Radiation monitoring.

Air treatment plant. I seem to remember being told during the visit that this plant could change all the air in the bunker every six minutes.

Prime Minister John Major in his bed in the bunker.

RAYNET is the Amateur Radio disaster network. If teletype machines are used to communicate then it is called RTTY and it was thought that Radio Amateurs equipment was more likely to survive a nuclear strike due to the use of valves and low voltage power supplies. In this tranistorised age I gues that is less likely.

Several of the parlimentary ministries had their own areas in the bunker.

Ministry areas - see the signs on the wall.

Armed forces area.

I think this was part of the hospital. Sleeping accomodation was very limited.

Ok so it was a secret bunker so they stuck a great radio mast on top of it and air inlets and things.

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